martedì 20 agosto 2013

Woman's World e Closer To The Truth nel Regno Unito usciranno rispettivamente...

...Il 13 (Woman's World) e 14 (Closer To The Truth) Ottobre!
A dirlo è stato il sito di news inglese DailyMail:

"Fans will remember Woman's World first premiered with Cher's first live performance in over 10 years on the season finale of The Voice in June.
However, after a limited release in the US at the time, the single will now be officially released on October 13, with the album following on October 14.
Only time will tell if the catchy track proves as popular at Cher's mega hit Believe, which sold an amazing 1.7million copies in the UK."

Il sito è stato usato oggi per l'anteprima del music video di Woman's World.

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